Quotes by Augustine Akhidime

1. As diamond and gold are not found on mountain tops but inside  the crust of the earth, so are
precious things in life not picked up without concerted efforts."

2. Hidden in Challenges and problems are the seeds of success, greatness, and wealth waiting to be discovered and harnessed.

3. Challenges and problems are the co-inhabitants of  opportunities

4. Organization is as ethical as its leaders

5. Emphasis and importance on Plants and equipment to the detriment of workers is  as putting the          cart before the horse

6. To change the work attitude of workers, change their work environment.

7. Financial motivation is not enough to win the full loyalty of workers to an organization

8. The most objective ideas and advice come from Advisers who are prepared to  stake their
positions telling all they no to be  the truth

9. Better to suffer early in  life to reap the fruit  later  than enjoy early and end up in suffering.

10. Half bread is not always better than none, as it may well block the chances of having  a full

11. It is sometimes  better to wash  the dirty linen in the open  if only to  douse  the stench

12. Genuine friends form the list of those who truly identify with your progress than those around you
     pretentiously  as friends to mock in times of adversity

13. Living constantly in expectation of people's approval is to live a miserable life. Just be  who you are you.

14. Except with your permission, your worth  should be non-negotiable

15. Trust devoid of  discernment and discretion is blind, and blind trust is regrettable

16. Leadership by influence flows from practical leadership by example and sympathy

17.Leaving the world better than how we met it is the legacy our Creator expects of us all.

18. Order is the solution to chaos

19. Not allowing our liberty to to put under captivity is evidence of civility

 2I thought corruption is African

22. When faced between the choice of lives and political office or position, saving lives should take precedence.

23.Taking an extreme position about our personal freedom and liberty without a consideration for other person's health, security and comfort  is to be hateful

24.Because it would have been worse , so no matter the circumstance, we should all be grateful.

25. Disappointment always awaits the giver with expectation from the giver.

26. There is no obligation to tell the truth to an enemy or to persons you do not trust 

27. To friends you trust be truthful  but to persons you do not trust be diplomatic

28. For matter concerning life and death the end  should justify the end as death is not reversible.

29.Persons who have nothing to live for have nothing to die for

30.The older should never say to the younger"You are good for nothing" because the future is for the younger to conquer and the older to behold.

31.You can as a human make a mistake, but never be a mistake.

32.To be a mistake is to have caused unforgettable mistakes that caused irreversible damages.

33. To defeat fear is to confront it; resistance not surrender is fear's worst enemy.

34. The glory of faith lies in works and the beauty of science is in discoveries; none is an end in itself.

35. The fire of controversy is never put off by more arguments but by results

36. What corporate Leaders sow in their employees they are bound to reap in the company's products and customer attitude

37. I forgive you not because I am a Saint but to reciprocate the forgiveness for my wrongs to others

38. Never say die! Never give up on your right until your right give in to you

39. When the love to serve over runs the love to be served in a man, servant leader is born.

40.Government all over the world know that growing insecurity in the country they govern translate to 
     increase in their own insecurity

41. Not allowing our liberty to put others under captivity is evidence of civility

42. Taking an extreme position about our personal freedom, liberty and comfort  at the expense of 
       others makes us hateful

43.Living constantly in expectation of peoples' approval is to live a miserable life

44.Except with your permission , your worth should be non-negotiable

45. The only problem without a solution is the problem we consider impossible of solution.

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