This book provides an in-depth discussion and explanations in the simplest possible form on the type and level of knowledge about Research problem, Research topic, and Research title that researchers must have to be able to effectively execute their research related responsibilities timeously and successfully.

Research problem, topic, and title are the three pillars on which the whole research process rests and combine to form the “gateway” into any research. Poor knowledge of them and the insufficient recognition of how important they are have led to multiple rejections, poor finishing, and the failure of many research efforts, with its attendant costs.

This book fully provides the knowledge needed by research students, lecturers, researchers, and their supervisors, for starting their studies in research methodology and the conduct of their research. It provides the knowledge needed to avoid commencing a research project with faulty purpose, unclear scope, and method and continuing the research in the wrong direction to a dead end. These pitfalls could well result from a lack of proper knowledge of the research problem, topic, and title. This knowledge is vital to avoiding the consequences of late completion, poor performance, and the outright rejection of the research work.

The book is recommended for starting a course of study in research methodology and essentially as a guide for researchers and research project supervisors undertaking a scientific research assignment in any discipline.
Specifically, readers of this book will have the knowledge and the application of:
• The place of research problem in research and its significance to a research topic
• Where and how to source for the research topic and how to identify research in a research topic
• How to develop and write a Statement of a research problem
• How to convert a Statement of research problem into research questions, research objectives, and research hypothesis
• How to differentiate and understand the relationship between research problem, topic, and title; and how to develop a good research title from research topic and problem.


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