Blending the Loyalists and the Passionates in Organisations:

Both the Loyalists and the Passionists are personalities every Leader, or as a Manager or Head of Departments must learn to manage to be successful.

Loyalists are those who stick to the defense and protection of leaders even at the expense of the organization's interest or goals, largely for personal gains. They see nothing wrong with the leader and are never in the position to help the leader to be accountable and to avoid failure.

The Passionates are individuals who place the interest of the organization far above their personal interest and the short-term interest of the leader. They are bothered more by the long-term interest of the leader they consider to be best derivable from the survival of the organization.
They are courageous to confront the leader (even at the risk of their job), about what is going wrong and how it can be fixed.

Both mean well for the leader and the organization, but what separates them are their interests and approach.

A common error by some leaders is to surround themselves with loyalists to the exclusion of the passionates.

Having a good mix of both produces the best results for both the leadership and the organization they lead.

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