Leaders that are aversed to contrary opinions and ideas kill the enthusiasm of passionate workers and retard their productivity.

 Leadership's intolerance of opinions and ideas that are contrary to her positions depicts leadership weakness.

A leader with a team that only sees, hears, and thinks the same way as the leader is bound to be riddled by suboptimal decisions that never take the organization to attain the best it height it should!


 I was among the lead paper Presenters at the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences' Continous Academic Research Capacity Building Seminars for Lecturers of Benson Idahosa University, Benin-City, Nigeria,  held on the 24th of Nov. 2021.

The Seminar's focus includes:

> Writing and publishing of articles in
high-profile indexed Journals

> Research report writing

>Effective supervision of Student's
Projects, dissertation, and thesis

My paper buttressed the critical role played by the constructive articulation of the research topic and the subsequent identification and development of the research problem and title.

I am available to present the paper online to staff and students of any academic Institution on request.

The Amazon published ebook where the paper was extracted from is in the following link:

You will be glad you did!
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 To change the work attitude of workers requires a critical review of their work environment!

Periodic work-environment swot analyses that review corporate culture and policies could identify toxic factors that pose threats to workers' productivity.

Just as periodic reviews of financial assets are necessary corporate duties, so should corporate policies on human assets!

 Revenge Should Never be an Option!

I got to know about an Accounting Officer who deserted his duty post without any prior notice, seriously disrupting the accounting operation of his employer.

Reason? It was a deliberate attempt to avenge the alleged employer's disservice to him.

Breaking up of terms of employment contract by either the employer or the employee in revenge for misconduct should never be an option.

In the early part of my career I was 'wrongfully' disengaged by my employer.

Guess my reaction!

I responded with a lovely letter of appreciation and goodwill for the staff and management of my erstwhile organisation.

Guess the result!

The very organisation that disengaged me, facilitated my re-engagement in a better firm.

Vengeance should never be an option, goodwill should always be!

Have a pleasant week-end!!
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The Passionates and the Loyalists: The two personalities in organizations that leaders must learn to manage for successful performance outcomes of leadership roles.

The Passionates price and defend corporate goals and objectives above the narrow interest of leadership.

He is courageous to advise on changes needed for the good of the organization, even if it threatens the personal short-term interest of leadership.

The loyalist is perpetually in defense of leadership; a "yes sir" and a "yes mam", who for his/ her personal interest always applaud leadership even over decisions and actions that have long run inimical implications for the organization.

Leaderships must learn to have the gut to include sizable numbers of the two personalities in their teams for better-informed decisions and actions.

Tilting favorably towards the Loyalists to the exclusion of the Passionates demonstrates leadership weakness!
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Organizations put the CART before the HORSE when and How?:

Their culture is to place a higher priority on physical assets over the human assets that are to extract values from the physical assets..

The results from putting the cart ahead of the horse are predictable:
Suboptimal and Failure !!

 A leader's communication need not be through howling and by wearing a frown of disapproval, to be effective.

 leaders and managers should give to their workers more expectation of their  commendations than condemnations

  LEADERS AND TOXIC WORK ENVIRONMENT Leaders that are aversed to contrary opinions and ideas kill the enthusiasm of passionate workers and r...