A leadership mindset can either be: Excellent or Average.

Leaders with excellent mindsets are ethically driven and pursue laudable quality service and product delivery goals using the best global standards.

Leaders with average mindsets pursue average outcomes with little or no regard for quality service or product delivery and are not ethically driven.

The type of mindset a leader has is easily mirrored by the quality of the leader's team.

An excellent-minded leader is surrounded by loyalists who concur without questioning every proposal of the leader.

Average-minded leaders are surrounded by teams that consist of loyalists and passionate who are ready to offer contrary views and stick to objectivity and truthfulness at all times.

 Learn to be happy with yourself first, then it will become easy to be happy with others!!

 We all need one another!

The rich live on the sweat of the poor; while the poor live on the benevolence of the rich.

Leaders draw their relevance from their followers; No followers, no leaders!

Developed countries live on the natural resources of poor nations; while underdeveloped nations live on the wealth and technology of developed countries.

Mutual respect accross the board is key to peaceful human co-existence!

Have a Happy and Safe week-end.
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 What a busy week for me on a National assignment at Abuja!, Nigeria!

I was honored by Nigeria's highest Universities Education Regulatory Authority, the National University Commission NUC with a nomination into the membership of an ad hoc Universities Curriculum Panel for the accreditation of the Accounting program of two Universities, a Federal government University, and a privately owned international University in Nigeria,, all in Abuja, the nation's capital.

I found the assignment very challenging with high demands on personal integrity, professionalism, objectivity, and excellent understanding of the minimum academic standards for teaching and learning Accounting curriculum in Nigeria Universities.

Accreditation exercise is an independent peer review of the University's curriculum, including their teaching pedagogy and learning environment with a view to determining their standards and identifying areas for improvement.

This is one of the processes adopted by the Commission to regulate, review and ensure the compliance of the curriculum of Nigeria Universities with nest global academic standards.

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 Discernment exceeds Smartness in matters of successful leadership!

It takes discernment to see what the onlooking smart leader may not see

The smart leader senses an opportunity. but it takes the discerning leader to see the gap and know full well about the right and best timings to launch to fill the gap!


Leaders that are aversed to contrary opinions and ideas kill the enthusiasm of passionate workers and retard their productivity.

 Leadership's intolerance of opinions and ideas that are contrary to her positions depicts leadership weakness.

A leader with a team that only sees, hears, and thinks the same way as the leader is bound to be riddled by suboptimal decisions that never take the organization to attain the best it height it should!


 I was among the lead paper Presenters at the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences' Continous Academic Research Capacity Building Seminars for Lecturers of Benson Idahosa University, Benin-City, Nigeria,  held on the 24th of Nov. 2021.

The Seminar's focus includes:

> Writing and publishing of articles in
high-profile indexed Journals

> Research report writing

>Effective supervision of Student's
Projects, dissertation, and thesis

My paper buttressed the critical role played by the constructive articulation of the research topic and the subsequent identification and development of the research problem and title.

I am available to present the paper online to staff and students of any academic Institution on request.

The Amazon published ebook where the paper was extracted from is in the following link:

You will be glad you did!
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 To change the work attitude of workers requires a critical review of their work environment!

Periodic work-environment swot analyses that review corporate culture and policies could identify toxic factors that pose threats to workers' productivity.

Just as periodic reviews of financial assets are necessary corporate duties, so should corporate policies on human assets!

  A leadership  mindset can either be: Excellent or Average. Leaders with excellent mindsets are ethically driven and pursue laudable qualit...