1. "As diamond and gold are not found on mountain tops but inside  the crust of the earth, so are
precious things in life not picked up without concerted efforts."

2. Hidden in Challenges and  problems are the seeds of success, greatness and wealth waiting to be discovered and harnessed.

3.Challenges and problems inhabit opportunities

4. Organisations is as ethical as its  leaders

5. Emphasis and importance on Plants and equipment to the detriment of workers is  as putting the          cart before the horse

6. To change the work attitude of workers, change their work environment.

7. Financial motivation is not enough to win the full loyalty of workers.

8. The most objective ideas and advice come from Advisers who are prepared to  stake their
positions telling all they no to be  the truth

9. Better to suffer early in  life to reap the fruit  later  and to enjoy early and end up in suffering.

10. Half bread is not always better than none, as it may well block the chances  a full
11. It is sometimes  better to wash  the dirty linen in the open to diffuse the stench